Risk disclosure :

The Client understands that trading at Forex is associated with high risk and realizes the probability of substantial losses from trading transactions. Prior to commencing the trading activity, it is highly recommended to conduct a careful analysis of one’s financial state. The Client realizes that there exists a risk of complete loss of a deposit while trading at the market.
The Client admits that the Company is not liable for the Client’s losses, caused directly or indirectly by the restrictions imposed by the Government, foreign exchange or market regulations, trading suspension, acts of war or other conditions usually referred as “force majeure” and which are beyond the reasonable control of the Company hereto.

Advantages of our company:


Easy start

Low requirements to starting deposit allow you to start real trade almost straight away taking the minimal financial risks.


Accounts in national currencies

Apart from clasical dollar/cent accounts, we suggest you accounts in Russian rubles (RUR) and Ukrainian hryvnas (UAH).


Technology 24/5

The modern trading terminal, provided by our company for distance trading operations via Internet, round the clock provides you with all important information for trade, and allows you to trade at any comfortable time (24 hours a day, 5 days a week, apart from weekends and holidays).


Free education

The company allows you to open and operate free of charge demonstrative account, which you may use for study purposes, in order to learn how to trade on the forex market. The main parameters of demo account are corresponding respectfully to real trade.


Financial advantages

Trading accounts may be deposited from any part of the world in seconds. Withdrawal from the trading account is carried out within few hours without any tax charges. The effectiveness of financial operations is achieved thanks to contracts with the leading electronic pay systems, such as: WebMoney, Yandex Money, Wallet One, etc.

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